Posted by: kerrywills | June 2, 2017

Optimizing structure

I often hear leaders say that “there are too many project managers” when referencing the structure of Portfolios today and I do think that they are right. However, I deeply believe that project and program structures are a byproduct of organizational boundaries, despite being considered virtual teams that should span organizations. There are several examples of how an organizational structure can affect a project structure…

  • Having an IT PM and a Business PM manage the same project
  • Having one PM per asset/team aligned to each project
  • Having a PM manage one piece of a broader solution

The result is a lot of overlap, inefficiencies and sometimes confusion of roles. As much as possible, projects and organizations should look to have a project manager own delivery of an end-to-end solution. This will allow for clear ownership and accountability and significantly reduce the amount of management required to deliver on scope. Note that there may still be cultural or territorial challenges that will require senior leadership to be involved.


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