Posted by: kerrywills | May 26, 2017

The evolution of basketball

I am a big fan of basketball and have been watching for many years. When I first became a fan in the 1980s, players were known as “position players” which meant they had a specific role on the team. For example…

  • Dennis Rodman was a Power Forward and all he did was rebound the ball (he had nearly 12,000 of them)
  • Dikembe Mutombo was a Center who was known for blocking shots (over 3,000 of them)
  • John Stockton was a Point Guard who was known for making assists (15,800)

Basketball has evolved to the point where there are no longer position players, so much as players who can play any position. For example, Russell Westbrook this year averaged over ten points, ten rebounds and ten assists over the entire season. Also Lebron James is a Forward who is usually a top ten player in the league for assists.

This same evolution is happening in project delivery especially in the world of “agile.” It is no longer sufficient for a Project Manager to just manage a project plan. They need to be able to understand the business and technology of the project. They also need to negotiate, influence and facilitate action and stakeholders.  We need to recognize this evolution so, like Russell Westbrook, we can excel in every statistical category (quality of delivery, cost, and schedule).


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