Posted by: kerrywills | May 19, 2017

Springtime means project work!

After months of cold and snow, we are finally seeing signs of Spring. Since I am a project manager and a planner by nature, that means it is time to organize my project plan around the work…

  • Clean up leaves
  • Mulch the landscaping
  • Dethatch the yard
  • Put out the patio furniture
  • Fertilize the grass
  • Turn on the sprinklers
  • Clean out the mud and salt from the garage


Beyond just having a plan I am also tracking new risks and issues…

  • New cracks in the driveway that need repair
  • Trees that are leaning over
  • Animals tearing up yard in winter
  • Our roof was leaking water and needed to be replaced
  • The front steps shifted and need to be re-done

Oh and don’t forget my project budget of seed, mulch, lawn mower repair, and other assorted products.

Well as you can tell, Spring is a full project for me with plenty of actions, risks and issues already. I am planning on taking an “agile” approach to my project by prioritizing the work and iterating a little each weekend.


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