Posted by: kerrywills | May 5, 2017

A little less conversation and a little more action

In one of his classic songs, Elvis Presley once said “a little less conversation and a little more action please.” Of course, he wasn’t speaking about project work but he could have been (since I interpret everything in the context of project work). Oftentimes, we get stuck in hours of meetings which is nothing but people talking. I do believe that discussion is important to involve people and to understand risks, implications and options for challenges but there should be a culture that leans towards action.

Elvis has relevant project wisdom

A culture of action could mean driving towards specific activities required to close out risks or progress work forward. These actions should include names and target dates associated with them. They should be documented in a shared log and then followed up on regularly to ensure closure.Without this level of diligence and focus, the conversations may just keep going and going like Elvis’ hips did back in the day!

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