Posted by: kerrywills | April 28, 2017

Meteor Showers

In the early days of the Universe, the Earth was constantly bombarded with meteors. This caused lots of craters on the Earth and The Moon, many of which are still visible on the surface of The Moon. Like the early Universe, projects get constantly bombarded with meteors of all different sizes. Some examples include…

  • Requests from outside organizations for templates, forms, reports or meetings
  • Management “fire drills”
  • Unexpected issues in delivery that require immediate attention

Like The Earth, we can not really control the number or the size of the meteors that are coming our way but we can prepare for them to minimize the impact. This could include diligent tracking of work or having full transparency of progress. This way, when a request for information comes in, the team is prepared to share it without making it a several day fire drill of collecting information. Being prepared also results in the identification of risks earlier (e.g. telescopes to see them coming) so that there is ample time to course correct or mitigate the risk before it impacts (collides) with our projects.


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