Posted by: kerrywills | April 14, 2017

Chore Charts

One of my friends had posted a picture on Facebook of the “chore chart” that they had made for their little kids. And of course this made me think of it a project management technique. Chore charts are used to assign specific chores to children, such as taking out the garbage or cleaning the table after a meal. When chores get completed, the children are rewarded with stickers, money or points they can use towards things.


In the case of project management, this could be an effective technique. Think about it….

  • It identifies the activities
  • It delegates the activities to resources
  • It manages expectations of resources
  • It rewards successful completion of activities


So maybe I should consider a chore chart for my project, but it may be hard to add all 5,000 line items from my plan and all 1,000 people…and I would run out of stickers very quickly.

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