Posted by: kerrywills | March 17, 2017

Finding Balance

One of my friends recently posed an article on Facebook of the top regrets that people have before they died. They included…

  • Wish they had worked less
  • With they had spent more time with the kids
  • Wish they had done more to be happy (travel, passions, etc)

Work is important but there needs to be balance with family, friends, health and interests. I deeply believe this and have several approaches for this balance…

  • I take work calls outside while going for a walk so I can get in exercise while still listening to updates (obviously only calls which don’t require reviewing documents)
  • I take my last call of the day in the car to get home earlier for family time
  • I organize my calendar to minimize meetings late in the day or block out time for children activities – this allowed me to coach my son’s basketball team and take my daughter to soccer practice
  • I attempt to be very efficient with my time to maximize productivity so that I do not have to work 80 hour weeks


So obviously it is not easy to balance every day but it is important to look for opportunities (like the examples above) to balance like and work so to optimize both.

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