Posted by: kerrywills | March 10, 2017

Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings movie was on television a few weeks ago and, of course, I had to watch it (again). This is a great movie with great scenery, imagination and battle scenes. My favorite scene in the first movie is when the different people from Middle Earth get together to decide they must destroy the ring. No one wants to do it and then Frodo, the smallest of them all, decides he will take on the journey. He then gets the support from the other groups and creates the Fellowship of the ring with other hobbits, a ranger, a dwarf and a wizard.

Developing coalitions at work is also a really good strategy. Having these types of  relationships help to gain insights, leverage strengths from other people and gain support for initiatives or requests. So like Frodo, we should have the courage to take on the challenges and we should look to create strong coalitions of support for our journeys. Oh and it may not hurt to have a wizard join your team also…


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