Posted by: kerrywills | February 24, 2017

Hiring based on snow preparation

It is February in New England which means a lot of snow in 54the forecast. During this time I am constantly monitoring the forecast to see several days in advance what the weather will be so I can plan accordingly. This could include moving meetings to work from home or changing doctor appointments. I also enjoy those people who wait until the night before to rush out and buy all of the milk and bread. It would be an interesting study to evaluate project managers and see which ones plan for weather and those who react last minute. I suspect those who plan are more successful.


This could be an interesting hiring strategy; to look for those people who prepare for weather. This suggests that they are planning types who think ahead and organize accordingly which are skills that are essential for project managers. Those who hoard bread the night before may not be the most “planful” project managers.



  1. I always plan for weather and bring work home in case. I also keep bread in the freezer so we could always eat PB&J if needed.

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