Posted by: kerrywills | February 17, 2017

Getting the “root” cause

Recently I have having tooth pain. I went to see the dentist and it has turned into quite an ordeal. This was underneath a double crown (on two teeth) which I have had for twenty years. Here are the visits I have had to investigate and solve the problem..

  1. Visit to check out the tooth. Initial thought is that it was infected and so they cleaned it well and had me come back later
  2. Checked out tooth and by now the pain had reduced but suggested I see a specialist anyway (endodontist)
  3. Endodontist visit did a 3D x-ray (which was really cool) and noticed some irritation but hard to tell. We agreed that since this crown had been on for twenty years and it was hard to clean between the teeth that I should remove it
  4. Dentist visit to remove double crown. It looked like it had decay and we suspected it would need a root canal. Put on a temporary crown
  5. Visit to endodontist who confirmed I needed a root canal (but could not do it that day)
  6. Temporary crown came off during a 1 on 1 meeting with an employee (that is always fun) so went to dentist to put it back on
  7. Endodontist visit for root canal – took 90 minutes and didn’t finish because it required manual filing due to the tooth being curved
  8. Temorary crown came off again
  9. Final root canal visit
  10. Put on permanent crowns


Needless to say, this has been quite the ordeal with 9 visits to investigate and solve the problem. So I suppose the lesson in all of this is to identify the “root” cause (see what I did there?) and then seek to resolve them as quickly as possible so they do not fester.


  1. Cute way to illustrate root cause! I always use a car that won’t start!

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