Posted by: kerrywills | January 20, 2017

Act what you expect

Recently I got a mandate from another organization to fill out a template in a rapid turnaround (BTW I get about 3-5 of these per week) and I asked for clarifications and a meeting. The team who asked for this did not respond to the three messages that I sent back to them. I find this incredibly ironic when a team says something is urgent and tells you to do something immediately but then does not respond with the same sense of urgency. Another classic example of this that I have was when I was asked to review the standard deliverables for a company framework. This organization was accountable for improving the quality of delivery and yet their documents did not have great quality – the formatting was inconsistent, the footers were outdated, the grammar was wrong, etc.


I believe that organizations who have expectations of others should perform in this same manner…

  • If you are an organization accountable for quality, then have quality deliverables
  • If you are an organization with urgent asks, then reply with the same sense of urgency
  • If you are an organization accountable for planning, then be prepared
  • If you are an organization who manages communications, then communicate properly

This seems like a simple request yet there continue to be examples to the contrary. How can a team expect something of others that it does not do itself? I think this loses credibility of the team and will result in sub-optimal results. So my ask is to consider the objectives of your teams and to “act as you expect” others to do.


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