Posted by: kerrywills | January 13, 2017

What kind of manager are you?

Recently I was speaking to a colleague about a pending organizational change. Their biggest concern was who they were going to work for and they had two possible choices, neither of which they wanted and were considering leaving the department. For me, this was a reminder of the classic workplace wisdom that “people join companies but leave managers.”


This means that, as managers and leaders, we need to operate in a way that people want to work for us and want to continue working for us. We need to remember that it is not about us; it is about our employees and teams. They do the work. They make us successful. And they are people who have interests, feelings and needs. I always think about my projects as marathons with my only job to make sure that the team keeps running. So this means I give them what they need to keep running (e.g. water) and remove any obstacles that stop them from moving forward.

We need to constantly step back and think of what kind of manager we are. If we don’t we may lose key talent which is hard to replace and no one will want to work for us (and that will certainly define what kind of manager we are)df.

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