Posted by: kerrywills | January 6, 2017

Annual cleaning out

Over the holidays my family does its annual cleaning out of the house. This means going through all closets, cabinets and bins to find toys that are not played with and things we do not need any more. We then either give items away, throw them away, or package them up if they are items we want to keep for later. The end result is that we make room for new presents from the holidays and keep the house clear of clutter.


The same approach should be taken with regard to our projects and work. We should look to clear out as much clutter as possible so we can keep our houses (projects) clean and focused. This could be requirements that aren’t essential to our business partners or technology solutions which do not add value back to our business. This can also be extra process steps or forms/templates that the team has to take action on.

If we reduce the clutter, not only will our houses be cleaned but we will also then keep the things that we really want and that will make our projects successful.

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