Posted by: kerrywills | December 30, 2016

Happy New Year

Well another year has passed in our careers. This time of the year is about reflection on the prior year and planning for the upcoming year. As we reflect on 2016 we should consider what went well and where we want to improve and then make a conscious plan to make some changes (see posting on being deliberate). We also need to take a fresh look at the year and work ahead. Hopefully people got time off for the holidays to recharge and get motivated about the work ahead of them and are ready to go.  At the same time make sure to find balance with work and family/exercise/hobbies as it is very important.

I have a busy year of Project Management ahead. On top of managing a strategic program with a budget of over $200 in 2017, I am continuing with my Project Management activities…

  • Meeting with other PM thought leaders in New York in January to discuss relevant topics
  • PMI Development Day in Boston (Link) in March
  • Webinar (Link) in June


Plus I plan to continue with this blog, which would enter its ninth year! So to all have a Happy New Year.


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