Posted by: kerrywills | November 11, 2016


It is the end of the year which means, for many companies, planning their investment portfolios for the next year. This is when programs make proposals for work which get prioritized and then get allocated money their for their requested scope. Typically, the process of FUNDING has two possible outcomes..

Fun – Programs get the amount they asked for and can move forward

Ding – Programs are not approved for money or significantly less than they asked for



In either case programs have to plan. Either they need to do detailed planning for the amount they got approved and get ready to deliver against those commitments or they have to plan what to do with their unfunded or under-funded work. All I know is in anycase, I would not want the job of having to facilitate this process or handing out money as this does not seem FUN and all you do is get DINGED by everyone.


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