Posted by: kerrywills | November 4, 2016

Connecting Dots and Filling Holes

I was recently in a meeting with senior executives where one described Project Management as “filling out status reports and updating financials.” I hear these comments a lot and it really bothers me and perpetuates my belief that our profession is not valued or understood. First off, I acknowledge there are many PMs who just do that and make a bad name for all of us so I understand where this idea comes from. But I spend maybe 5% of my time on those things. The rest of it I spend on actually managing the work (since our titles are project MANAGERS not project REPORTERS).


Since I view myself as accountable for the successful delivery of the work (and not just reporting on it), I do whatever it takes to make the team successful which includes lot of things. I “connect dots” to make sure that teams are talking to each other, issues are resolved, and there is transparency in progress and risks. I also “fill holes” where they exist which includes taking over work that is not done, running down open issues, improving processes, making presentations to management and other gaps. In short, I do whatever it takes to make the team and project successful.

The only way that we can break this perception is by demonstrating the value. So, yes we have reports and financials to do, but we need to show that we take accountability, deliver on commitments, solve problems and bring transparency to progress and risks.


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