Posted by: kerrywills | October 28, 2016

A night at the Improv

I always enjoy Improv comedy where the comedians request topics from the audience and then work them into skits. This requires quick thinking and reactions to turn it into something good. Many times I feel that, as Project Managers, we have to improvise during meetings and especially those with senior people. Such topics to improvise on can include…

  • Questions on subjects which we are not prepared for
  • Reactions and volatility from people in meetings
  • New issues or risks that are brought up in that meeting
  • People who derail the meeting for their own interests or questions


I believe that the key is to be prepared and know as much as you can on the topics of the meeting. This can also include inviting people who are subject matter experts to answer detailed questions. We should also be structured in our approach and offer to set up additional conversations or “table” topics to stay on course.

Now ask me to work in a vegetable, superhero name and type of meat into my next Improv routine…err meeting.


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