Posted by: kerrywills | October 21, 2016

Laws of Physics

When I was in college I considered majoring in Physics; I really liked how the laws of the Univ erse worked, were logical and explained our realities. There are similar  unbreakable “laws” when it comes to Project Management. I often get into discussions with people who want to bend these laws because they don’t like the results. This includes the classic conversation during planning where our customers do not want to change scope but either want cost to come down or schedule to be brought in (or both). While there are some ‘levers’ which can be pulled generally the laws hold true – in that if you add scope then generally cost or schedule increase.


The approach I try to take is to focus on the facts and to provide options. If the fact is that the current scope yields a cost or schedule that is not acceptable, then we need to show options with a reduced scope to bring these in. Or in the case where cost is primary, show an option where schedule moves to bring in the cost.

In any case, we need to help explain the “Laws of Physics” as it comes to our planning and expectations with our stakeholders.Although with some stakeholders I don’t think that even Johan Kepler or Einstein would be successful at convincing them of the truths.


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