Posted by: kerrywills | October 14, 2016

Basketball Leadership

My 11 year old son loves playing basketball. He is the Point Guard for his team and that means he controls the pace and approach for the plays. Sometimes he dribbles the ball in if he thinks he can score and sometimes he passes it to his teammates if he thinks they have a better chance to score.

Deciding when to score vs pass is something that I have struggled with as I have moved up in my career. I have always been an effective “do-er” who scores baskets for the team but in order to win the game I have learned that you need to pass more to involve your team members. To continue with the metaphor I am now in management so I guess that makes me a coach and not even on the court playing (although I do sneak on often and try to play).


I believe that the approach is situational – in a case where you have impending deadlines and you are the best qualified to do the work then maybe you just do it (take the shot with the clock winding down). If there is more time or other people who are better qualified then pass the ball to them and let them make a play.

So like leadership on the court the Leader (who is the Point Guard) needs to read the game and make a decision as to the best course of action to optimize the results (and number of baskets).

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