Posted by: kerrywills | October 7, 2016

Having the right structure

My experience has shown that successful programs have a few critical things that need to be in place. These include the right people, well defined scope and having the right structure. For this posting I will focus on structure since I believe that it is foundational for success…

  • Structure defines roles, boundaries, expectations and accountabilities
  • Structure allows for work to be managed across teams and organizations
  • Structure sets the model for the way that work, teams, plans and reporting are organized
  • Structure allows the teams to scale and evolve as work changes


Without having a solid structure programs quickly fall apart, have quality issues, have increased cost and rework and have a very hard time meeting their goals. Recently, I published a new Book which focuses on setting up programs for longstanding success with “structure” as the foundation for the other critical components. Think of this like a big game of Jenga in that without a strong foundation, all of the blocks will fall down…..and you will lose the game.



  1. Kerry, I have tried for years to articulate why project mgmt is so critical in any world of projects, and you have done it so succinctly, in fact youve done it so well, i’d like to quote you word for word in my blog with a credit to your blog. Hope that’s ok!

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