Posted by: kerrywills | September 23, 2016

Organizational Short Term Memory Loss

gyhIn my career I have worked for three companies for more than six years each and what I have found is that strategies and initiatives tend to be cyclical. By this I mean that organizations may have a strategy (centralize a function, deploy a new process, change an organization) and then a few years later change it and then even more years later bring back something that looks like the original thing. I call this “organizational short term memory loss” in that organizations forget their history and then repeat it.


I think somehow there is a belief that changing something is always “better” than what is currently in place. This may be true, but we need to understand the causes of problems and seek to address those as opposed to just making changes. We also need to understand the history and why something may not have been successful.

We should always be seeking to ‘evolve’ and not just change but we need remember. Maybe organizations should hand out strings to tie around people’s fingers.



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