Posted by: kerrywills | September 16, 2016

Don’t Worry Be Happy

I recently attended a seminar on The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor who has spent years researching the science of being happy. Not only was he a great and entertaining presenter, but his information on the benefits of being happy were very insightful.  In short, people who are happy are more successful, live longer, and perform better than people with higher IQs. This seems very reasonable to me as I have always believed that people “create their own world” in that we generate what we believe. If we believe the world to be a horrible and bad place, then it will be that for us.


This is important in the workplace where we interact with other people for so many hours in a day. We have all worked with people (or many of them) who are absolutely miserable and they find a problem with everything. As project managers and leaders we need to set the tone and motivate people for success, which means we need a positive outlook on things. Being positive does not mean hiding bad news or not confronting it, but it does mean that the team members look to us to drive the culture of the projects and there is a way to be positive and honest even when there is bad news.

In the 1980s  Bobby McFerrin had a song called “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” As project managers we do spend a lot of time worrying which is a good thing for our projects but we should figure out a way to both worry AND be happy. Our health, projects and teams will be better for it.

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