Posted by: kerrywills | September 9, 2016

Status in the Context of Milestones

Projects and status reports go hand-in-hand. Every project stakeholder wants to know how their status is doing and every project I have ever seen or worked on has a different format for presenting status. Some are bullets in an e-mail, some are Word documents and some are PowerPoint reports. For the most part, they all describe what the team is working on, what work is upcoming and where there may be risks and issues.  They also usually have an array of colors representing various health metrics.


I am a passionate believer that it is not enough to just post a status on where the work is but that all status needs to be in the context of milestones. Saying that an activity is done or something is at risk without the context of what milestone or commitment is being impacted does not provide the right context. The audience of the status wants to understand what it means to their expected delivery dates and not necessarily all of the details in between.

Therefore, I believe that EVERY risk, issue, color, and bullet needs to be aligned to and organized with the associated milestone. So all of the status reports that I create show the key commitments and then color code them with the associated risks.


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