Posted by: kerrywills | September 2, 2016

Radar O’Reilly

Growing up during the 1970s my family and I watched the show “MASH” on TV which was about a medical unit based in Korea. One of the main characters was “Radar” O’Reilly who was given the nickname “Radar” because of his ability to predict helicopters arriving with patients.


On our projects, we need to have similar foresight as “Radar” in our ability to predict issues, risks, upcoming activities, and requests. This requires diligence in the tracking and managing of project information (financials, schedule milestones, etc) which allows us to see trends and get ahead of them. It also comes from experience and having the right ‘gut’ feelings.

Having this radar ability allows us to get ahead of issues and asks before they happen which allows us time to prepare for them accordingly.


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