Posted by: kerrywills | August 26, 2016

Constant Improvement

I am a big believer in constant improvement which means continually re-assessing my work, team structure, processes and organization. For programs I run this means considering how we operate, meeting organization, the team structure and other ways of improving the effectiveness of the team. This also means soliciting feedback from team members, stakeholders and customers to understand their views. Program landscapes evolve over time so it is important to assess the operating model and look for ways to improve it to optimize the effectiveness.


Programs and organizations need to evolve so they must constantly be looking for ways to improve and add value to their customers. Almost daily I receive requests for information, forms or meetings from teams or organizations who clearly do not think this way which only adds more burden on the programs and team members trying to deliver on work.  Not one of them has asked for my feedback (as a customer and stakeholder) of how to improve their processes or meet their needs while reducing the impact to the teams.

So, in the spirit of this posting, please send me feedback on the blog and if it meets your needs.

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