Posted by: kerrywills | July 22, 2016

Pokemon Go

Well with the craze of this new game I just had to make a posting here. I do admit that I have been playing the game with my kids and nothing says family bonding like walking around a cemetery trying load up on “Pokeballs.” In this game, there are Pokemon everywhere and you need to capture and secure them. Relating this to our work we can think of Pokemon as risks, issues and actions that pop up all around the program and it is our responsibility to gather them all up and inventory them.

Better contain that issue...

Better contain that issue…

If we do not contain these risks, issues and actions there are consequences which could mean lost time, missed commitments, additional cost or impacts to quality. So it is in our best interest to perfect our approach of looking for them, identifying them and capturing them so that they do not cause us more problems. Oh, and make sure to look up so you dont walk into the street or fall off of a cliff!

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