Posted by: kerrywills | June 24, 2016

Be like Meghan Trainer

Meghan Trainer has a new song out called “no” where she keeps saying this to fend off the advances of men. Programs should take a similar approach to fend off the likes of change controls, additional scope and other distractions which impact the ability to complete work. Too often, we try to be good stewards and take on additional work, late requests or changes to please our customers but the end result is missed dates or increased cost. At the end of the program these same people do not remember the kindness of the team in bringing on more work and will just look at the results.


So we should respond the way Meghan would…

  • The scope is “no”
  • The change is “no”
  • The late requirement is “no”


This sounds like taking a hard line, but it will allow the team to stay focused and deliver on existing commitments instead of taking too much on and then nothing gets delivered.


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