Posted by: kerrywills | June 17, 2016

Bizarro Universe of Program Management

Growing up in the 80s watching the “Justice League” there was a series of episodes where there was a parallel universe of ‘bizarro’ versions of the super heroes where they each had different powers and personalities than their normal counterparts. For example Bizarro Superman had freeze vision instead of heat vision.

Sometimes I feel like the programs I am working on are from the Bizarro world also. This is when I work with stakeholders who don’t believe in program constraints (e.g. just add scope, don’t worry about money, just add in more work, etc) and want what they want.


My universe is one of discrete scope, approved budgets and schedule commitments so it is very hard to work with people from the Bizarro universe where these do not matter. The only approach that I take is to identify the facts and show the implications of the requests – for example, if we add more scope then the cost goes up by X. But who knows, maybe I am the one from the Bizarro universe and everyone else is normal.


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