Posted by: kerrywills | June 3, 2016

Focus on the Fundamentals

Both of my kids play sports – soccer, lacrosse and basketball. What I observe is that when they get the fundamentals right during a game, they generally win. In sports, this could be good passing, playing defense or moving without the ball.

Programs work the same way. When the team members focus on the fundamentals of their jobs, the program has a much better chance of success. This could mean adhering to processes, coding to standards or updating plan activities. When team members take shortcuts to save time there are usually consequences.



So make sure that you are your team focus on the fundamentals and do not get sloppy or the results will be sloppy also!



  1. I fully agree … it is about doing the basics well. I think you should do a rehash of doing the PM basics well Blog on that 🙂

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