Posted by: kerrywills | May 20, 2016

The resource game

Many companies use resource management tools to allocate people to projects and work. This forces management into a game of “supply and demand.” The demand side are the projects who need resources and need to ensure that they will be ready when needed. The supply side are the resource managers who need to manage capacity and ensure that each team member is allocated to work.

What often happens is that large shared organizations tend to spread their resources to projects to cover the costs but it is more based on the need to be allocated than on the work and can lead to unplanned financial variances on projects.


Project managers need to be diligent with the planning and tracking of resources to ensure that these surprises do not creep up. This means looking at who is charging the projects and making sure that they are planned resources with legitimate work. While these organizations may not be trying to run up costs, they are incented to have  their people charging to work.

So we need to play the game where we find the hidden resources and move them out….only for them to be moved to someone else’e project and for them to find them. Play on players…

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