Posted by: kerrywills | April 29, 2016

I don’t swing the bat much, but when I do…

Spending most of my time in meetings I am very conscious of behaviors in them. I find that in many meetings many people have opinions and want them to be heard. This generally leads to long dialogues and debates over nearly every topic. While it is important that people feel heard, I think there should be some discretion used.

The way I approach meetings is using a baseball metaphor; I don’t swing the bat a lot but when I do I tend to get hits. This means that, during meetings, I don’t tend to interject my thoughts on every topic but rather only talk when I think I have something valuable to add to the conversation which will progress the outcomes of the meeting. Conversely, the strategy of swinging the bat every time may get a few hits but generally leads to more strikeouts.

Batter Hitting Baseball

So my advice is to pay attention and only swing the bat when you think you will get a hit. This may mean taking some topics offline but the result will be more robust and valuable conversations and you may even win the baseball game.


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