Posted by: kerrywills | March 18, 2016

Actions and consequences

Ok I admit that I like watching Dr. Phil on occasion. One of his favorite comments is around “actions and consequences” in that there are implications to taking actions that we need to be aware of. The same holds true on projects and we need make sure that all stakeholders understand that there are consequences…

  • If more scope is added to the project, then cost and schedule will likely go up
  • If the work becomes more complex, the cost and schedule will increase
  • Pulling resources or having part-time resources will elongate the schedule for work
  • Reducing the cost means reducing scope or complexity
  • Pulling in the schedule means more cost, more resources and more risk
  • If we skip out on testing, there will be quality issues


I think everyone reading this has had at least one (if not all) of those examples in their career. The key is for us, as Project Managers, to first baseline our work and document all assumptions. Then, as actions occur which change those assumptions, we need to articulate the consequences and provide options and recommendations where appropriate.

It is not enough to just react to the actions and consequences, we need to manage expectations and provide transparency into what is happening. Otherwise our projects will fail and then there may be actions or consequences that relate to our careers or employment.


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