Posted by: kerrywills | February 26, 2016

Types of meetings

As I have posted many times here, I attend a lot of meetings. Most weeks can average 50-80 meetings in that time. What I have noticed is that I can categorize most of these meetings into several different types.

  1. 1/1s – These are one-on-one meetings that I use to catch up with peers, mentors or team members to get specific information. I usually have a running list of topics to discuss
  2. Working session – These are topical meetings meant to focus on a specific outcome with participation from several people. I can be the lead running it or a participant providing my thoughts. These are the most productive types of meetings because they result in tangible progress
  3. Report out: giver – Projects always have status meetings and these are meetings where I am the presenter of information to stakeholders. Sometimes these meetings can be used to make decisions based on the information provided
  4. Report out: receiver – Since I run portfolios and programs I have several meetings where I receive information (which I then use for meeting type #3)
  5. Non program activities – There are also company-wide meetings, town halls, or information sessions

Ideally my day should be spent making progress (#2) and meeting with team members to help them make progress or resolve issues (#1) but in most cases I spent too much time in status-type meetings (#3 or #4).


Well, recognition is the first step and we should continue to be conscious of where we are spending our time so that we maximize our time and the productivity of the team. Ok now I need to get back to my meetings….



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