Posted by: kerrywills | February 19, 2016

Being a superhero

In every company I have worked for I have worked with superheroes. In some cases I mean people who have incredible talents to get the job done. But for this posting I  mean  people who feel the need to be a superhero. If you think about it, superheroes only exist because there are villains to fight and so these people are constantly looking for villains. That may be blaming another area or person for problems or talking poorly about coworkers or other stakeholders. These people don’t seem like they would exist without someone to blame (or at least they would have nothing to talk about).


So, in this context, I say we don’t need superheroes. We need to recognize that we are all part of the same team and need each other to be successful and therefore there are no villains; only problems which need to be solved together. Only then can we truly be “super.”

Please put down the cape and spandex outfit and stop looking for villains.

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