Posted by: kerrywills | December 18, 2015

Read me a story 

When I was a little boy I enjoyed when my father would read a story to me before going to bed. Now that I am much older I don’t need someone to read them to me and yet many presentations are just that – people showing slides and then reading them word-by-word to the audience. I think we can safely assume that (most) professionals are literate and therefore we don’t need to read materials to them.


In my view, successful presentations are made up of two things…

  1. Creation of Materials – look to tell a story and focus on key points and messages
  2. Delivery of Materials – how the story and messages get presented so that the audience understands them

If the materials are created well then the presenter can focus on the key messages and engage the audience. But, please don’t read to us…unless you also plan to tuck us in so we can sleep.


  1. Hey, quick question: how do you feel about pictures or photo’s during SteerCo presentations or statusupdates?

    • I always think pictures are good to represent complex concepts (so long as the pictures are not overly complex). Plus they break up the text

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