Posted by: kerrywills | December 11, 2015

The IT Magic Wheel

I have been working in IT for over twenty years now and every project that I have been on has major technical defects (that is normal for projects and not because I was on them…well at least I hope so). What is interesting is that, even though I am not that technical, it seems like technology issues always come down to the same five causes. So, like the Magic Eight Ball, I think we need an IT Magic Wheel that we spin to solve the issue. The wheel would spin and land on one of five common IT issues….

  • Database Locking
  • Garbage Collection
  • Thread Counts
  • Expired Certificates
  • Indexes

Spin the wheel


So now that we have the wheel, instead of losing days triaging the issues, we can just spin the wheel and focus on the answer it gives.

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