Posted by: kerrywills | November 6, 2015

The art of the offsite

I love team offsites. They have many benefits…

  • They bring everyone together; which is important in today’s world of virtual workers and people located all over the globe
  • They are a good way to “recharge batteries” of the team and keep everyone grounded
  • They provide working time for teams to think through problems or plan out work
  • They build camaraderie and teamwork


Offsites need to be planned for properly, though. People just shouldn’t show up without a solid plan and approach. So this means that we, as Project Managers, need to plan for them.  This should include the following…

  • Clear goals and agenda that aligns to the goals
  • Identify any prework so the team comes prepared and time is not wasted during the event
  • Plan for teambuilding/group activities
  • Plan the timing around key activities but not during critical time periods for people to be distracted
  • Allow for travel time
  • Make sure you interact with local team members if you are going to a different location
  • Approach to capture actions/decisions/takeaways and an approach to follow up on them

A well planned offsite will allow for the team to be more effective and come together and not just come back with stories of what their peers did at the bar after work.

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