Posted by: kerrywills | October 30, 2015

Find a career champion

I believe it is critical to find people who are willing to support our careers. I have had many supporters in my career as well as non-supporters. I still remember a very specific conversation about 10 years ago where I was considering a promotion role for a Director and my current boss at the time told me that she “would never have made me a Director.” On the other hand I have had people who have given me chances, mentored me, provided good insight and feedback and given me the autonomy to succeed.


As I have moved into management I have found much satisfaction with being a champion to my team members by helping them grow, providing opportunities (even if this means on different teams) and promoting them to senior management. This approach inspires people and optimizes their value to the company.

By the way, in the first example I gave, within a few years I became a peer of this person who didn’t want to promote me – so the other lesson learned is not to say stupid comments like that to people.


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