Posted by: kerrywills | October 23, 2015

Math grades

My daughter is in Middle School and math is definitely not her strong suit. She got a 38 on her first test which is pretty low and, mathematically, hard to come back from. Meaning even if she got a 100 on her next test, her average would still be a D. So now we have to do well on all tests the rest of the semester and are starting out from behind.


This is sort of like running a project where an issue occurs early on or it gets off to a bad start and you then spend the rest of the project trying to ‘catch up’ to meet the goals. The key is with continuous rigor on all activities so projects don’t start off this way. This approach is similar to how my son handles his schoolwork, which is to do well at most of it and then, when there is a problem, it can be absorbed much better.

So the key to both school and good project management is staying on top of all activities and not getting behind. Oh yeah…my daughter is back to a B+ since writing this article based on lots of hard work.



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