Posted by: kerrywills | August 28, 2015

Drafting my fantasy team

Well it’s almost football season again and that means picking my fantasy football team. This is where you to an online website and along with 9 other people pick a team of football players one at a time and hope that these are the best players that give you points when they perform each week.

I wish we could do this on projects where we get to pick the best players at every position (BA, Architect, Developer, Tester) and put together a ‘fantasy’ team. The reality is that it is more like you showed up late to the draft and it is already in the sixth round and the top 50 players have already been picked.


So since, for the most part, we are handed our teams on projects the key is figuring out how to work with each team member (player) to understand their strengths and leverage those. This may mean moving people around, adding support where needed or changing roles to optimize the team dynamic. Your team can still be a fantasy one if the players compliment each other and play well together. Oh yeah and if your key players don’t suffer season-ending injuries.



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