Posted by: kerrywills | August 7, 2015

The evolution of programs

Increasingly companies are having more and more large programs that they are investing in. While many of them are called “programs” they are really “portfolios” of programs. That is, they are made up of several programs under them with projects under each program. It is important to recognize this fact as it is more than just semantics.


Portfolios need to be managed differently from programs in several ways…

  • Portfolio reporting should be an aggregation of programs and then the respective projects
  • Stronger PMs will be needed to run the underlying programs since they are made of other projects
  • Portfolios are much larger than programs and need to have the right portfolio management functions
  • Programs generally have related projects under them; portfolios may include programs that are not necessarily related or have dependencies

So as IT investments are increasing along with the complexity to deliver them, the structure of programs continues to evolve and the PMs on them need to recognize them and structure their portfolios/programs properly to allow for success.

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