Posted by: kerrywills | July 24, 2015

The formula for issues

Every project has issues that arise and I generally have the same formula for when they do…

  • Identify the context for the issue; this means background, cause and impacts
  • Determine the full list of actions required to address the issue
  • In some cases this may require options that need decisions; for these each option should have the impact and implications so that an informed decision can be made
  • Daily meetings to track progress against the actions and see if the team needs help with any roadblocks
  • Daily status updates to communicate progress against actions and issue closure


These are pretty basic but I find that the diligence with the actions and then the transparency with the progress are critical to getting to resolution quickly. Not having the diligence means actions may take longer or not be performed and then not having transparency means people are not aware of where we are on the issue


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