Posted by: kerrywills | July 10, 2015

Tracking enables management

I am always amazed at meetings which I don’t run or projects that I am not on how much information gets discussed and how little of it actually gets tracked. Maybe sometimes people will document the actions in the minutes but then those get stored away in a folder somewhere never to be seen again.

I have a very methodical approach for tracking actions and risks which involved a few steps…

  • Any e-mail with an outstanding activity stays in a folder which I monitor every few days
  • When I sent follow-ups to people I store the message in the folder as well
  • I have a spreadsheet that tracks open actions with names and dates as well as the “worry list” of the major issues that I need to help drive
  • I have a list for each key person that I meet with which gets updated with any of the above items and reviewed when we speak
  • At least once a day I review these messages, actions and worries to see what is due and who I need to contact



So there are multiple ways in which follow ups or issues get maintained but in all cases, they do not get forgotten. I believe that, as Project Managers, our job is to keep things moving and to get rid of roadblocks and unless we track them I really don’t know how we can manage them.


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