Posted by: kerrywills | June 19, 2015

So…what’s the recommendation?

Work can be at times…..well….work. It can be overwhelming to kepe up with work and then there are all of the people and their personalities. As a result, many co-workers will complain about the process, the people, the vision, the structure, the culture or anything else that comes to mind. Everyone seems to know what is wrong but yet I very rarely hear recommendations.


When I see problems I tend to describe them in a PowerPoint (because I ‘think’ in Microsoft applications) and draw some pictures to explain the problem with the implications. But, hold on, I don’t just stop there. I document a set of recommendations which could be used to mitigate the problems or improve the situation. Then I schedule some time with stakeholders who have opinions or care about the matter to validate my context and recommendations and finally bring it to someone who should care about fixing the problem.

Now that I am in the ‘management’ part of my career I completely understand how managers get frustrated when people just bring them problems without recommendations. That is the difference between complaining about work or trying to improve it. Ok enough complaining about complaining.


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