Posted by: kerrywills | April 24, 2015

Getting to Tian Tan

I am part of a global leadership program where I work and in the final year of the program we take a global journey. So I am writing this posting from my hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before going to Indonesia, we took a day-long layover in Hong Kong. As I did research for what to do there, I came across the Po Lin Monastary which houses a 100+ foot bronze Buddha and determined that was something I wanted to see.

Like any other project I have run, I had to create a plan to meet my objective. So I created my plan and understood the activities to get there…

  • Walk from hotel to Ferry dock
  • One water ferry from Kowloon Island to Hong Kong Island
  • One water ferry from Central pier to Lantau Island
  • One bus ride from Lantau Island/Mui Wo to the Monastery
  • Climb 200 stairs to get to Buddha


I researched the ferry schedule, fees, and other logistics and came up with a plan. As we proceded along the plan, like any, there were a few challenges that we didnt plan for (e.g. exact change for bus, none of us spoke Cantonese, etc) but we were successful and it was worth it.

So having a good plan made us succesful!


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