Posted by: kerrywills | April 3, 2015

Spring is finally here

After months of cold and feet of snow, I can finally start seeing signs of spring…and of my yard. Since I am a project manager and a planner by nature, that means it is time to organize my project plan around the work…

  • Clean up leaves
  • Mulch the playscape and trees
  • Dethatch the yard
  • Put out the patio furniture
  • Fertilize the grass
  • Turn on the sprinklers
  • Clean out the mud and salt from the garage


Beyond just having a plan I am also tracking new risks and issues…

  • New cracks in the driveway that need repair
  • Granite step cracked (I didnt think Granite could crack)
  • Animals tearing up yard in winter
  • Shrubs crushed from the weight of the snow and ice this year

Oh and don’t forget my project budget of seed, mulch, lawn mower repair, and other assorted products.

Well as you can tell, Spring is a full project for me with plenty of actions, risks and issues already. Hope everyone else has a better plan and less risks than I do!



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