Posted by: kerrywills | March 27, 2015

Playing Escalation Stratego

I used to love playing Stratego when I was a kid – this is the game where you send out different armies to attack your opponent. The strategy was that some pieces could “beat” other pieces and that you have to guess which pieces they had.  For example a General could beat a Colonel, but then the spy could beat the General.

Sometimes on projects I feel like I am watching people play Stratego at during an issue or escalation. One person may send out an e-mail which then gets replied by someone else who copies someone higher in the organization. Then the other person may reply copying in their higher ups and so on.  This game of management escalation is always interesting to watch – my Director beats your PM…well my Senior Director beats your Director…and on and on.

“Hmmm should I play my Director piece or my VP piece?”

How about instead of the escalation Stratego game we just figure out how to solve things ourselves! Then there would only be one ‘team’ on the game and therefore everyone would win. Unless we have a spy…



  1. The “spy” in this scenario is the infamous use of Blind CC: in the email chain. There’s nothing worse than that!

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