Posted by: kerrywills | March 13, 2015

Genuine or “Gen-You-Win”

I believe that one of the most important characteristics that a leader can have is being genuine. This makes people trust you and want to follow you because they believe that your interests are real and that you are sincere. Leaders who are viewed as having agendas or being self-serving do not last long because they don’t get the support from their teams. People can sense when someone is not being genuine pretty easily and get a bad impression that would last a long time and possibly influence their behaviors.


 So, as leaders on our teams and in our organizations, we should always strive to be authentic in our interactions. This way we can create a GENeration where YOU WIN based on leadership. Sorry, it’s cheezy, but I enjoyed the play on words.



  1. Words of wisdom spoken from a genuine dude.

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