Posted by: kerrywills | March 6, 2015

Stay on top of your work

For those who read my blogs you know that diligence is a common theme in my postings. I do believe that many professionals do not stay on top of their work (mostly due to complexity of work and being overwhelmed and not necessarily on purpose) and therefore the Project Manager becomes the person who has to follow up on actions, issues, risks, etc.

But sometimes I get frustrated when Project Managers do not stay on top of their work, because if PMs don’t do this then no one else will. This means keeping plans updated, issues/risks maintained and actions followed up on. PMs should be constantly looking at plan dates and due dates of RAID items to ensure that they get met and not missed.



So it is really on us to stay on top of all of the moving pieces of the projects and ensure that nothing gets missed. This means keeping lists, updating plans and chasing people down. That is our destiny and we should embrace it!

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