Posted by: kerrywills | February 13, 2015

Supply and Demand

It seems that everywhere I turn colleagues are reaching out to me to see if I know any Project Managers who are available because there are needs to fill. With the economy turning around and business being as competitive as ever, companies are making more investments and require people to manage that work. With over one million certified PMPs and probably many more with the title Project Manager it is amazing that the demand seems to outweigh the supply right now. That is purely from a numbers perspective, let along finding GOOD project managers and not just people with the title on their resume.


So, the good news is, that our profession seems to be in high demand which should afford us more opportunities and pay (macro-economics suggests that when demand exceeds supply that price, or in our case pay, goes up). This means we need to keep growing our skills and adding to our profession since there is a real need in the marketplace today.

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